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Uncut is a powerful cloud-based enterprise system for media asset management and collaboration.


Uncut provides multiple ways to easily manage media assets.


Arrange files and folders quickly using a drag-and-drop interface. Locate assets easily with visual browsing and multiple search functions. Give staff the resources they need by linking assets to tasks.


Uncut helps teams, partners and clients share assets and get feedback.


Enter time-stamped notes or approvals on the cloud-based system, then notify others in-app and via email. Access the cloud-based system wherever there is Internet access.


Uncut tasks and timelines keep teams in sync for project success.


View project status in real time on Kanban task board and Gantt timeline. Identify problem areas at a glance. (Task functionality is hidden from client interface.)


Secure storage for diverse file formats (image, audio, text, etc.)
Flexible permission and approval settings
Time-stamped notes
Real-time updates
Email and in-app notifications
Customizable workflow
Detailed task management system
Task board and timeline project views
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Why Uncut?

Uncut is a powerful cloud-based enterprise system for media asset management and for collaboration--among team members in an organization, and by outside partners and clients.

Uncut’s simple, intuitive design helps users get started quickly. Project teams and clients can navigate easily, setting up the system the way they work best. They can access assets, notes or final deliverables anywhere Internet is available. The dynamic task module provides transparency within organizations and helps managers ensure projects stay on schedule.

Uncut provides flexibility to users across multiple disciplines. While Uncut is optimized for use with media assets, it can benefit those working in non-media environments as well.

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